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Welcome to TravelSafe YYJ

At Victoria International Airport (YYJ), the health and safety of our passengers, partners, visitors and employees is our top priority.  That’s why we’re launching the TravelSafe YYJ Program.  It’s our commitment to you that we’re doing our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that your travel experience is as safe as possible. 

Starting  July 1, you'll notice additional information about the health and safety measures in place at YYJ for travellers, visitors and airport workers.  We're working with all levels of government and aviation industry experts to ensure that our airport meets and exceeds the latest health and safety requirements for all airport users. 

Most notably we are:

  • Limiting access to the air terminal building to passengers with a valid ticket and airport employees ONLY.  There are exceptions for those accompanying someone who requires extra assistance.
  • Requesting that face coverings be worn by all passengers and employees in all public areas.  This includes any members of the public that require access to the building.  There are exceptions for individuals with medical conditions and for those under the age of two years old.

As we prepare for the gradual easing of travel restrictions both nationally and internationally, and as the economies of the world begin to recover, we know our customers will want to fly again. We're taking into account expected increases in passenger numbers, more frequent flights, and more people using the airport in the coming months. TravelSafe YYJ will address those needs.  The world is ready to travel again...and so are we.

TravelSafe YYJ Program

TravelSafe YYJ is a multi-phased and multi-faceted program incorporating health and safety directives for air travellers, enhanced cleaning and sanitizing practices throughout the air terminal building, and physical distancing measures. 

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