Victoria, BC is bike friendly!  People do ride their bikes to the airport and arriving passengers do bring their bikes with them to the cycling capital of Canada.  YYJ is committed to bicycle facilities that make enjoying getting to or from the airport as easy and safe as possible.

Resources Include:

multi-use path that connects to a regional trail system.  

Bicycle assembly station – Located in the East of the Short Term Parking Lot, our bicycle assembly station includes a work bench, air pump, bicycle parking, and storage shed with cardboard bicycle boxes so you can take a box or leave one for someone else. 

Secure bicycle storage – Ride, park, and fly?  Four bicycle storage lockers can be accessed by visiting our Airport Security Building located just east of the terminal building.  Cost is $2.00/day. CASH only at this time.

Tools – As an extra resource, a kit with basic bike tools is available for check-out at the Airport Security Building located just east of the terminal building.

Travelling with a bike?
Check with your airline for details and instructions for travelling with a bicycle?

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