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Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) Land Development

  • Land Use Plan and Permitted Uses Document
  • Permitting Process Road Map
  • Federal Impact Assessment Act
  • VAA Lands are subject to the Federal Impact Assessment Act.  Every project must be assessed to determine if it falls under the Impact Assessment Act.  If it is determined that the proposed project will fall under the Act, an Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) created by an Environmental Professional will be required during the building permit phase before construction can begin.  Updates to the Development and Building Permit Guidelines are underway.

Does Your Project Need an Architect?

On February 10, 2023, the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) transitioned to the Professional Governance Act.  This resulted in the repeal of the Architects Act and introduced several new regulatory documents.  We encourage you to review these documents to determine if your project will need an architect.  If you have any questions regarding the requirement to engage the services of an architect for your project, please reach out directly to AIBC by emailing  or calling 604-305-2699.

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Development Permits

Building Permits

Seaplane Base


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