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Terminal Precinct Pavements

Terminal Precinct Pavements
Total Est. Cost:  $1.9M
Completion:  October 2018
Status:  Complete 

This project involves resurfacing the main Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) road network, from the East Saanich roundabout to the front of the ATB and then back out towards the Willingdon Road roundabout. It also includes drainage improvements and resurfacing of the central portion of the long term parking lot. Updated lighting in all areas will be a part of the project.

Willingdon Road from the East Saanich Road roundabout was last resurfaced over 20 years ago. The road is experiencing rutting in both lanes for most of its length. There are also load related failures evident at numerous locations. An ongoing program of patching has taken place over the last 10 years to maintain the surface. A 2013 condition survey recommended restoration of the full surface within a 5 year horizon.

Electra Boulevard, the air terminal building access and frontage road, was last resurfaced in 2007 and is exhibiting failures ranging from minor cracking to multiple areas of load related failure. Resurfacing the whole road rather than a multi-year program of patching is the preferred approach given the operational challenges associated completing work on this very busy road.

The central portion of the long term parking lot was constructed and last resurfaced in 1987 and is exhibiting significant areas of age and load related failure. This is particularly evident in the driving lanes at the entry at the north end of the lot. The short term lot, which was originally constructed at a similar time as the long term lot, was fully resurfaced in 2011.

As part of this project all the lighting in the long and short term lots as well as along Willingdon Road will be upgraded to LED fixtures. The parking lot fixtures will feature energy saving controls to reduce energy consumption.