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TenTen Creek Sediment Reduction

Total Estimate Cost: $450K

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Historic activities on Airport lands reduced the aquatic ecosystems in TenTen Creek to the point that fish and other aquatic life were rarely observed. The lands adjacent to the stream contain a federal dump site which contributes to poor water quality in the steam.  Near TenTen Creek, Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) had previously constructed a wetlands complex to provide much needed treatment for nutrient-heavy water from nearby farming operations. The stormwater complex has treated an estimated 2.5 billion litres of water since its initial construction in 2000. 

In 2012, a discovery of juvenile sea-run cutthroat trout and three-spined stickleback occurred. The appearance of these species highlights the importance of reducing the harmful pollutants and restoring creek habitat areas to revitalize these freshwater ecosystems. Since the initial find, additional trout have been documented in the stream.

In 2013, VAA executed a two phase project to enhance the existing facilities and improve water treatment systems. Phase one focused on clearing organic material, streamlining delivery of stormwater to the pond and creating a visual inspection point to determine dam stability. Phase two included the designing and building of an additional diversion channel to direct pond overflow into an irrigation retention area, reducing sediment and nutrient-rich stormwater entering TenTen Creek.

The VAA has been working with local partners on this project such as Peninsula Streams, Shore keepers, Transport Canada and the Tseycum First Nation.  The project team includes, Kerr Wood Leidal as lead engineer, SLR Environmental and Watershed Ecological for environmental management and Rodd Excavating as the general contractor. 

The 2016 TenTen Sediment Reduction Project is a massive undertaking that has been in the planning phase for over two years. 

The scope of the project includes:

  • Reprofiling and armouring two large over-steepened banks that are part of the federal dumpsite to reduce future erosion.
  • Construction of two large sediment traps to reduce sediment load into the receiving waters at Patricia Bay.
  • Improve creek plantings and rip-rap to encourage aquatic habitat.
  • Remove visible garbage from the sections of the dumpsite.
  • Modify the current water flow in sections of the creek to reduce future bank erosion.

VAA and its partners have been active stewards of the local watersheds for many years.  This project continues to show strong environmental leadership by restoring areas of concern that pre-date the airport authority taking control of the property in 1997.