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Parking Improvements

Parking Improvements 2018
Total Est. Cost:  $6.2M
Status:  Substantially Complete

This project created approximately 525 new long term parking stalls, with a future toll plaza, in the area of open field immediately south of the car rental service facility, adjacent to the roundabout. The scope of work includes linking the three existing gravel overflow lots to the new lot in a manner that allows a single pay transaction location. Improved lighting for the overflow lots and appropriate pedestrian access to the ATB from the new lot will be part of the work as well.

This 500+ space expansion provides adequate capacity to absorb the overflow parking that is currently occurring into the gravel overflow lots formalizing this activity as permanent. It will be constructed with the infrastructure to operate a future toll plaza similar to the existing that offers pay on exit either through a kiosk or staffed booth. Natural growth will eventually fill the new permanent spots with the gravel lots continuing to provide overflow capacity now and into the future. The lot is designed to support a future shuttle operation.

The three adjacent gravel overflow lots will be linked with this new lot in such a way that the toll plaza area becomes both the way in and the way out to all four lots. This will afford an opportunity to capture 100% of the revenues associated with the overflow parking. Currently over 660 stalls of the approximately 2380 available parking spaces are uncontrolled stalls in the four overflow lots. This represents nearly 28% of available parking capacity.

The project will see the installation of lighting and CCTV in both the new and the overflow lots to improve the overall safety and security of the parking operation. The lamp standards and bases will be the relocatable type allowing them to move in the future as the gravel lots are reconfigured..

The design incorporates rain garden technology for the management of storm water flows and filtration of the waters collected. There will be 6 designated electric vehicle charging spaces to carry on the program started in both the long and short term lots in 2015.

Significant Developments:  This project is substantially complete.  Installation of a power kiosk to support new signage at the entrance to the long term and short term lots is underway.  100% of the lot has been paved and is fully available to meet any overflow demand.  The pay booth is in service.