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Lower Passenger Departure Lounge Expansion

Lower Passenger Departure Lounge Expansion
Total Est. Cost:  $19.9M
Completed in  August 2020

In response to growth in passenger traffic, up-gauging of aircraft and the need to improve the safe operation of the apron and hold room, work was approved to create a building addition to meet a new state of operations.  The LHRX projects is a 1765m2 addition to the lower passenger departure lounge creating space to accommodate all ground load passenger traffic for the next decade and beyond including the addition of another gate position.

Principle drivers include:  improving operational safety and efficiency for hold room operations; providing sufficient ground load capacity for both seating and serving passengers now and into the future; provide sufficient floorplate to allow additional revenue opportunities with the space.

Design features and amenities include:

  • Minimizing walking distances to aircraft;
  • covered walkways on aprons;
  • segregated gates with a one-podium, one-door, one-aircraft principle;
  • improved ground equipment storage;
  • new premium washroom facilities including pet relief for service animals and universal;
  • family room;
  • expanded food and beverage and additional retail; and
  • basement.

Phase (1) One - Complete

  • Occupancy was granted on the new expanded lower passenger departure lounge and Go-Live was achieved the morning of September 19, 2019.  This completes Phase One.
Phase (2) Two commenced October 2019 and involves new washroom block, vertical circulation core to the basement and finishes in existing lower passenger departure lounge. 
The project commenced on January 15, 2018.  There were three primary phases of work.  The first phase being the main lower passenger departure lounge expansion to the north over 20 months.  Phase One was completed September 19, 2019. Phase Two involved the new washroom block and vertical circulation core to the basement and finishes to existing holdroom.  This was completed July 31, 2020.  Phase (3) Three included demolition to support the F&B improvements. Work is wrapping up in this area and portions of the finishing of the basement has been deferred due to COVID-19.   The LHRX project is now substantially complete.

You can view previous weeks' videos on YouTube here and more progress pictures in our Photo Gallery.