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Extend Taxiway Echo East

Extend Taxiway Echo East 2019
Total Est. Cost:  $4.3M
Construction Start Date:  June 2019
Completion:  December 2019

Taxiway Echo is the parallel taxiway serving Runway 09-27, the main runway used for commercial operations.  The 2012 Master Plan identified extending this taxiway to the threshold of Runway 27 as a key operational project to complete.

The successful contractor for this project is C-1 Contractors.  The contractor has mobilized and site excavation is underway.  Construction will take place over the summer months with completion by the end of October. 

The following is a summary of the key milestones to November 27, 2019:  

  • Taxiway paving is complete - there are two small associated driveway stubs to complete
  • Finish grading is underway since asphalt is complete
  • Line painting is scheduled
  • Taxiway lighting and signage installations are complete
  • Final grading of shoulders is underway