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Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE)

Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE)
Budget:  $1.9M
Construction Start:  January 2020

Completion:  April 2020

Through the use of non-proprietary software and hardware, CUTE systems allow passenger processors like the check-in counters and the gate counters to be used by any airline at any time rather than having groups of dedicated counters fitted with carrier-specific equipment.  This system offers a high degree of flexibility operationally for both the airport as well as the airlines.

Significant Developments to January 31, 2020 include:

  • The Airline Consultative Committee (ACC) approval of the project was received July 10, 2019.
  • The successful CUTE vendor is Materna.  Management is working to conclude contract documents.  The contract includes implementation of CUTE at all airside gates locations, landside check-in locations as well as support for a term of five (5) years.  
  • Onsite support services will be provided by ServiceTec as a sub-contract to Materna's contract.
  • A Team Lead for ServiceTec has been hired and ServiceTec staff are on-site.
  • All off the shelf hardware and software that has been ordered is on-site.  Both build and configuration were completed before the start of on-site implementation January 2020.
  • All servers and networking gear has been installed.
  • All common-use workstations are on-site.
  • A schedule of implementation has been provided to the airline station managers, airline IT teams and Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) staff.
  • An implementation team formed of airline operations and IT staff as well as VAA IT staff has been created to ensure open communications and a smooth transition from proprietary to common-use systems during implementation.
  • Weekly meetings are being held with the vendor, stakeholders and VAA team as the implementation phase is underway.
  • An internal training program has been developed and is being rolled out.
  • The External Service Zone (ES) has been installed and partially completed.  The ES is the interface between the airlines external data circuits and the CUTE system.  This installation allows the integration of each of the carrier's lines into the system as they become available.