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ATB HVAC Rehabilitation 2022

There are 11 primary air handling units (AHU) providing conditioned air throughout the air terminal building (ATB). Some, like the units serving the lower hold room, are only a few years old. Others are older like AHU 5 which was installed in the original ATB in 1964. This project proposes to replace AHU 5 and provide some mechanical upgrades to other units of varying ages to extend the life of those units.

The tender for this work closed June 16th and the successful contractor is Universal Sheet Metal. 

The initial plan had been to construct in the summer months.  Supply chain challenges mean the replacement air handling units will not be on site until January 2023.  

Demolition of the old unit and removal of materials is complete.  Ductwork and installation is progressing well. Structural steel is in production and the roof penetrations for the new ductwork is complete .  Work is planned to be fully completed in early 2023 depending on supply chain.