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Apron IV Expansion - Phase 4A

Apron IV Expansion - Phase 4A 2019
Total Est. Cost:  $7.1M
Construction Start Date:  May 2019
Completion:  May 2020

Apron IV is the apron utilized for air carrier operations at the Air Terminal Building (ATB).  Identified as a key component in the 2012 Master Plan as well as the 2014 Terminal Precinct Plan, this apron expansion will expand the parking stands available on the west side of the apron and is necessary to accommodate the next phase of ATB expansion to the west.

Detailed design for this project is complete. The project went out to tender by invitation and the successful proponent was Kinetic Construction.

The following is a summary of the key milestones to August 31, 2019:  

  • Stage one, two and three excavation work is now complete with granular sub-base material being installed as each area of excavation completes
  • Installation of the storm water drain piping and electrical piping is underway
  • Bases for new lamp standards are being constructed
  • The permanent weather office location construction on the north side of the airport is complete and the tentative move-in date is September 9, 2019.