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Airside Fleet Renewal

Airside Fleet Renewal 2019
Total Est. Cost:  $850K
Project Start:  April 2019
Completion:  February 2020

This project is aimed at the procurement of a new truck and anti/de-icing product applicator as well as a high speed broom attachment for the Larue multi-purpose vehicle.  The truck and applicator are replacements for existing equipment and the sweeper is an incremental add to the airside operations fleet.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the truck and applicator is completed was posted in early May.  

  • The broom attachment has arrived and training on its use will start July 30th
  • The applicator contract was awarded to Team Eagle Ltd., a Canadian airport-specific equipment supplier
    • The until is in manufacturing and will be delivered late September/early October
  • The truck contract has been awarded to P&R Truck Centre, a Vancouver Island company.
    • The unit is a Western Star
    • Late delivery of parts for the plow mounts from the manufacturer to the fabricator has further delayed the final delivery.  Delivery is now scheduled by the end of February 2020.