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Projects & Planning

  • Basement Development Program

    Basement Development Program

    This project will develop the unfinished space below the recently completed lower hold room expansion. The project will complete needed space for relocating specific operations and improving operational efficiency overall. Approximately 740 m2 of the available 930m2 space will be developed at this time with a plan to complete the balance in 2024.

    Project is substantially complete.  


  • Upper Hold Room Refresh

    Upper Hold Room Refresh

    The completion of the Lower Hold Room Expansion project brought a new nomenclature to the look and feel of the hold room area. It brought built-in waste management units as well as passenger convenience in the form of device-charging power at many seats. That new look including furnishings has been very well received by the traveling public. This project looks to extend that palette to the upper hold room area to unify the look and feel of the two areas. Project will include new millwork for greater operational efficiency at the gates as well as updated flooring.  The skylights were eliminated after it was determined that they would not have sufficient visual impact to warrant the expense.

    Trades work is well underway.   Work is planned to be fully completed in December 2022.

  • ATB HVAC Rehabilitation 2022

    ATB HVAC Rehabilitation 2022

    There are 11 primary air handling units (AHU) providing conditioned air throughout the air terminal building (ATB). Some, like the units serving the lower hold room, are only a few years old. Others are older like AHU 5 which was installed in the original ATB in 1964. This project proposes to replace AHU 5 and provide some mechanical upgrades to other units of varying ages to extend the life of those units.

    The tender for this work closed June 16th and the successful contractor is Universal Sheet Metal. 

    The initial plan had been to construct in the summer months.  Supply chain challenges mean the replacement air handling units will not be on site until January 2023.  

    Demolition of the old unit and removal of materials is complete.  Ductwork and installation is progressing well. Structural steel is in production and the roof penetrations for the new ductwork is complete .  Work is planned to be fully completed in early 2023 depending on supply chain.

  • Acquire Towed Runway Sweeper 2022

    Acquire Towed Runway Sweeper 2022

    The successful vendor for this equipment is Airport Technologies Inc. (ATI).

    Due to production challenge with the engine manufacturer in the U.S., the engines are now going to be coming from a factory in the UK. 

    Delivery date is scheduled for early 2023.

  • YYJ Website Accessibility Upgrade

    YYJ Website Accessibility Upgrade

    VAA communications with the public are governed in part by the Official Languages Act and the Canada Transportation Act. Various regulations under those acts define the accessibility and language requirements of those communications made via VAA’s webpage. This project will see the current VAA website updated and improved to make language and accessibility equal across all areas of the platform.

    The successful proponent for this work was locally based Eclipse 360.

    Design is well underway with progress meetings held regularly.  Delays associated with obtaining final photography and finalizing other creative content will push the go-live into April. 2023.

  • Glycol Collection Improvements – Phase I

    Glycol Collection Improvements – Phase I

    VAA collects overspray from aircraft anti-icing and de-icing activities undertaken during winter operations on Apron IV, YYJ’s main commercial apron. The intent of the collection is to store and/or dispose of the collected materials to prevent those materials from getting into the surrounding environment. Collection is the best way to meet the regulatory requirements. Phase I of the planned improvements is geared toward proving additional pumping capacity and better transfer capabilities between the storage and processing areas.

    Project is complete.

  • Runway 09 Approach Lighting – SSALR

    Runway 09 Approach Lighting – SSALR

    The approach lighting for Runway 09, YYJ’s busiest, currently does not meet the requirements necessary to equal the performance of the instrument landing system (ILS) that serves that runway. While the ILS is certified for weather minimas down to ½ mile operational visibility the lighting is only certified down to ¾ mile visibility. This new installation will see the replacement of the existing lighting system with one that meets the requirements for ½ mile operations. The project will also see improvements to the dock and breakwater that supports seaplane operations and safety improvements for barges using the seaplane base for transporting large loads like houses and industrial machinery.

    The tender closed May 24th and successful vendor for this work is FMI Installations from Nanaimo.

    • Detailed design is complete.
    • Environmental survey is complete - no habitat or marine life issues identified.
    • Geo-technical survey complete - no concerns identified.
    • Stakeholder consultation with all parties including First Nations is complete.
    • Tender closed May 24th, 2022.
    • Successful bidder is F&M installations from Nanaimo.
    • A meet and greet led by Chief Tanya Jimmy of Tseycum First nation  took place.  Participants included all key contractor personnel.
    • Contractor has mobilized to site and work is well underway. 
    • Wooden dock components are in the manufacture stage off-site.
    • Navigable Waters Permit approved after lengthy delays with the regulator (Transport Canada).

    Work is planned to be substantially complete in 2022.

  • Airside Pavements 2022

    Airside Pavements 2022

    The VAA has an ongoing pavement restoration and rehabilitation program to ensure safe aircraft operations on YYJ’s aircraft maneuvering surfaces. Unlike vehicle roads that can tolerate some degree of deterioration and subsequent patching, aircraft require traveling surfaces that are in good condition at all times. Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from deteriorated asphalt and concrete must be avoided. This years program involves partial removal and replacement type repairs (mill and fill) on a number of taxiways.

    Project tender closed May 2nd and Island Asphalt was the successful vendor.

    Asphalt restorations are complete.  Paint marking and some minor repairs are still be completed in October.


  • Pump Station 2 Improvements 2022

    Pump Station 2 Improvements 2022

    Previously VAA completed the bulk of a project to improve the transfer of sanitary effluent from the air terminal building (ATB) area to the final transfer point within the Town of Sidney a few years ago. After a Covid delay, the final portions of that work left to complete are controls improvements and generator replacement at Lift Station #2 and some piping improvements on the east side of the airport.

    Work is planned to take place during the summer months and be fully completed in 2022.

  • Beacon/Galaran Roundabout Design

    Beacon/Galaran Roundabout Design

    This project will see a detailed design created for an intersection improvement at Beacon Ave. W and Galaran Road in the northeast quadrant of the airport. The planned improvement would be in the form of a roundabout. This design will also contemplate the extension of Stirling Way to connect directly with the new roundabout. This project is for design only in 2022. Subject to approval by the funding partners (VAA, Sidney and North Saanich) the works would be completed in 2023.

    Design will be completed in 2022.