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Projects & Planning

  • North East Developments Water Servicing 2021

    North East Developments Water Servicing 2021

    NE Developments Water Servicing 2021
    Budget:  $240K
    Project Start: March 2021
    Complete:  April 2021

    In order to make available land ready for development, Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) needs to make infrastructure investments from time to time.  This can include water, sanitary or other utilities.  To service lots in the northwest corner of the airport a new water main will be installed.

    Significant developments to April 2021:

    • Engineering for this work was included in the 2020 RFP for the Roads and Parking Planning project.
    • Parsons was the successful proponent.
    • Design is complete and project tender closed February 16, 2021.  
  • Parking Equipment 2020

    Parking Equipment 2020

    Parking Equipment 2020
    Budget:  $2.6M
    Project Start:  July 2020
    Completion:  December 2020

    This project proposes to replace the 2004 vintage parking control system used to manage entry and exit from the staff, hourly and daily lots as well as for payment collection at the public lots.  The existing system has aged out from an information technology standpoint as well as from a physical equipment perspective. The system will be replaced with modern equipment that can leverage new technologies and improve revenue streams.

    Significant Developments:

    • A Request for Proposal (RFP) for this project was issued in mid-January and closed at the end of February. 
    • Costing was presented to the Board in March per the business case for the project.
    • Management worked with the preferred vendor (Precise Parklink) to create a phasing plan that would allow the project to be 100% complete in 2020 as initially planned but with a deferral on payment of a portion of the costs to 2021.
    • BDG Contracting is a Vancouver=based parking systems contractor that will be providing project management for VAA on this project.
    • Project is now substantially complete with all systems now in operation.
    • Working through minor deficiencies at this time.


    • Project kick-off meeting took place early in September.
    • Equipment arrived onsite at the end of November with installation following immediately after.
    • The system was operational for Christmas.
    • The project was on budget.
  • Airside Pavements 2020

    Airside Pavements 2020
    Budget:  $1.5M
    Revised Budget:  $725K
    Project Start:  Summer 2020
    Completion:  August 2020

    Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) has an ongoing pavement restoration and rehabilitation program to ensure safe aircraft operations on VAA aircraft maneuvering surfaces.  This years activities will primarily be directed towards taxiway restorations.

    The scope of this project was reduced to complete critical restorations only and all works for 2020 have been completed.  The balance of  project work will be undertaken in 2022 subject to financial conditions improving.

  • Acquire ARFF Vehicle

    Acquire ARFF Vehicle

    Acquire ARFF Vehicle 2019
    Total Est. Cost:  $1.1M
    Start Date:  March 2019
    Completion:  June 2021

    This project will acquire a medium sized Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle to provide a second front line vehicle when one of the large ARFF vehicles is out of service.

    Drafting of specifications and the Request for Proposal (RFP) documents is complete.  The RFP was sent to the top three suppliers in North America.  The RFP closed May 31, 2019 and Rosenbauer America was the successful proponent.

    These vehicles have a very long lead time.  The vendor has revised the production schedule forecast:  December 2020 production start with late Quarter (1) 2021 or early Quarter (2)  delivery date.  Delay in production start and completion due to supply chain issues directly related to COVID-19, including suppliers as well as manufacturing staff.   

    Operational testing for the new fluorine-free foam is awaiting completion and the truck is anticipated to be in service in June.