The Victoria Airport Authority Master Plan provides a roadmap of capital investments, improvements and operational considerations that helps to ensure a healthy and vibrant airport for our community.  This document provides a framework for the Authority to recognize the timing for specific infrastructure investments, based on customer demand.

The Airport is a dynamic place that is continually developing for passengers, airlines and tenants.  It is essential that the Authority stays ahead of the demand curve, but not too far ahead, so it can continue to maintain a competitive cost structure.  As with any planning document, market conditions can change, so the core of our planning is generally focused on capital improvements that support the areas of highest growth with a maximum benefit to the users of the airport.

The Airport Authority also recognizes the importance of community investments and takes into consideration the environment and noise impacts as part of the planning process.  Contained in this document are detailed noise forecasts, land use plans and the costs associated with the contemplated capital investments.

We welcome any member of the public to review the Master Plan and if you have questions or comments, please contact us through our website Contact Form.

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