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Water Main Break at the Terminal

Apr 13, 2016

December 6
White Spot re-opens tomorrow morning at 7:00 am!

November 30
White Spot restaurant to re-open December 7th!

November 24
White Spot repairs very close to completion.  Opening date is still to be confirmed but is less than two weeks away.

June 23
12:00 pm

Permanent water main repairs have now been completed.  White Spot remains closed until further notice.

June 16
11:30 am

Permanent water main repairs continues with expected completion by June 30th.  At that time, the space will be returned to White Spot restaurant so that their restoration can begin.  We anticipate that White Spot repairs will take 6-8 weeks to complete.

May 17
3:30 pm

Permanent water main repairs are well underway.  Removal of concrete and south edge of sidewalk on the main curb is scheduled for the next couple of days. Sidewalk and unloading zone land remain closed.    Excavation will continue into landscaped berm and short term parking lot.  Vehicle and pedestrian traffic management and alternate pedestrian directional signage is in place.  Substantial completion of this work is expected to be June 14.  Restoration to the White Spot restaurant can get underway once permanent repairs to water main are completed.  Until then, White Spot remains closed. 

May 10

9:00 am

Permanent repairs to replace the broken water main began this morning.  This first week of work will concentrate on the area north of the sidewalk so a portion of the sidewalk on the main front curb remains closed.  Excavation across the through lanes will likely begin early next week and a traffic management plan will be put into place to minimize disruption. The total project schedule is still being finalized and will be communicated shortly.  Once these repairs are complete.  Restoration to the White Spot restaurant can get underway.

May 4 

9:40 am

Permanent repair plans are being finalized and we anticipate construction to begin next week.  Further details about any impact to passenger amenities will follow as required.  All food services remain fully operational with the exception of the White Spot restaurant.  It incurred substantial water damage and we expect it to remain closed for 8-10 weeks. 

April 15

6:00 pm
All food services with the exception of White Spot are fully operational. 

8:00 am 
Potable (drinking) water is restored to the air terminal building but please be reminded that Tim Hortons is open however, no hot beverages are available. Spinnakers is open.  Starbucks and White Spot remain closed.  We hope to have more information with regards to the food services that are still impacted at the terminal later this morning.  Retail outlets are open.

April 14

10:25 am
Water testing results are positive.  Potable (drinking) water is restored to the air terminal building.  More information will follow with regards to the food services that are still impacted at the terminal and when all of their operations will return to normal. 

Tim Hortons is open however, no hot beverages. Spinnakers is open.  Starbucks and White Spot remain closed. Retail outlets are open.

April 13 

5:45 pm
The terrminal frontage road has reopened and vehicle traffic has returned to normal.  Repairs to the water main have been made and potable (drinking) water testing is underway.  Test results will be available tomorrow morning and a further update will be provided at that time.  Flight operations remain unaffected.  Thank you for your continued patience.  

Crews continue to work on repairs.  Flight operations are normal.  Retail services are operating normally.  Food services do however continue to be impacted.  Spinnakers located post-security is operational however the pre-security White Spot, Tim Hortons and Starbucks are not open. 

Post-security Spinnakers food service operations have returned to normal.

We have located the break in the water main and currrently assessing remediation options.

12:21 pm
All regular washrooms are operational.

Pre-security west side arrivals washrooms and east side departures washrooms are now operational.   Only the central washrooms remain closed.

Pre-Security Family Washroom is operational.  The Family Room remains closed.  

Post-security regular washrooms are operational.

Portable washrooms are operational.

Crews are working as quickly as possible on a temporary solution to restore washroom service.

Portable washrooms have just arrived on-site and will be operational very shortly.

The terminal frontage road is going to be closed to allow for equipment to access the terminal building. Other than vehicles accessing the Long Term Parking, all vehicles will be directed through the Short Term Lot.  Parking attendants will be directing traffic.

Flights have not been affected by the water main break.  Please check our website home page for current flight information.

Our PA system capability has been restored.  Portable washrooms will be on-site within the hour.  Please see airport security to use a washroom and you will be escorted.

7:31 am 
Early this morning, the water main at the Victoria International Airport ruptured.  All water to the Air Terminal Building is shut-off.  Portable washrooms are on their way.  Bottled water is being distributed to passengers.  There are no food services available other than basic flight services.  Flights have not been delayed as a result of the issue.  The Victoria Airport Authority crews are working quickly to resolve however there is no estimated time for when water will be restored.  

Further updates will follow.