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Victoria International Airport announces Air Terminal Building Improvements

May 29, 2012

Victoria International Airport announced today its plans for an $8.1 million modification to the air terminal building.  The project is intended to address four key areas: 

  1. Increase the throughput at pre-board screening by adding more screening lines;
  2. Improve the circulation for passengers beyond security by consolidating stairs, escalators and elevators in a central circulation core;
  3. Improve food and retail services beyond security, with an emphasis on a local Victoria feel; and
  4. Make the upper passenger departure lounge experience commensurate with the lower passenger departure lounge to recognize the shift in travel patterns from ground-loaded turbo prop aircraft to bridge-loaded jet aircraft.

Construction is scheduled to commence in the fall of 2012 and is expected to be completed by spring 2014. 

The first stage of the program will see a Request For Proposals issued June 1, 2012, for the operation of food and retail concessions.  “We have a tremendous concession program right now with White Spot, Starbucks and Tim Hortons, and we envision keeping those brands.  Our customers have told us they are pleased with these offerings but would like to see improvements made airside or beyond the security lines”, said Geoff Dickson, President and CEO of the Victoria Airport Authority.   “We would also like to see both food and retail concepts in that area present a distinct local flavour and truly represent the best that Victoria has to offer.”

The full terminal improvement project will see the expansion of the pre-board security screening area into the present retail space; a new food area on the west side of the lower passenger departure lounge; a new retail store on the east side; a central elevator, stair and escalator area added on to the southeast corner of the terminal; and new furnishings in the upper passenger departure lounge. 

This is part of our master planning process, and part of our ongoing strategy making our airport as customer-friendly and easy to use as possible”, said Dickson.