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Victoria Airport Authority Completes Major Creek Restoration Project

Oct 24, 2012

 The Victoria Airport Authority has completed a major restoration project for Reay Creek. Reay Creek is a fish bearing stream that runs through the airport’s east industrial area, through Sidney and then drains into Bazan Bay. The remediation project had been initiated to improve stormwater quality from historically contaminated areas of the creek.

“Leading the way in environmental management is a core focus of our organization,” said Geoff Dickson, President and CEO of the Victoria Airport Authority. “We took a good look at options for how we could improve the stormwater coming from airport lands.”

The Airport Authority issued a request for proposal in early in 2012, to design and build a diversion channel to isolate the most contaminated areas of the creek. The concept design allowed for clean storm water to bypass the historically contaminated areas while enhancing the plantings to help remediate the existing creek. The airport upgraded the design to install spill gates to help reduce the risk of any event or spill in the future that may impact the lower creek that runs through Sidney.

“We undertook an extensive testing and cleaning regimen of our storm drain system which contributes stormwater to the creek” said James Bogusz, Director, Airside Operations, Technology & Environment of the Victoria Airport Authority. "All the work put in by our staff and contractors greatly reduces the potential for new contamination to enter the creek, allowing the bypass channel to avoid the most contaminated areas while it is given a chance to heal.”

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