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Victoria Airport Authority and Camosun College team up on Furniture Project

May 31, 2010

Today, the Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) welcomed five tables designed and constructed by students of the Camosun College Fine Furniture Program.

This is the second time that the airport has teamed up with the college for the design and construction of furniture for the airport.  The first time was in 2005.  Five tables were constructed at that time including the popular Canadian Passport table.  All of the original tables are still in the departures/check-in area. 

“I am proud of our partnership with Camosun College, and delighted to have had the opportunity to see the amazing creativity, energy, and craftsmanship of the fine furniture students,” comments Richard Paquette, VAA President and CEO.

The idea first came to the airport President and CEO while visiting an annual exhibit of furniture created by the students.  From there, the VAA approached Ken Guenter, Instructor of the Camosun College Fine Furniture Program to see if there was a way to incorporate a project for the airport into their curriculum.   Fortunately for the airport, there was.

“One of the wonderful aspects of this project is that the students in the Fine Furniture Program get a “real life” learning experience and we cannot thank the Victoria Airport Authority enough for giving us this opportunity,” comments Ken Guenter.  “Each of the 17 students in this year’s class had the opportunity to design a table for a real client.  The students were asked to design tables that were based upon a theme of airplanes, airports or the accoutrements of air travel.  This theme had to be dovetailed with the needs of the airport:  i.e. specific sizes, finishes and durability.   Once the designs had been refined and put together in an understandable format they were presented to a review panel from the Airport Authority and it was their job to pick five designs. 

After the selection process students were then advised as to who the successful designers were and then were divided into five groups.  It was each group’s task to figure out how to build the table they were assigned, determine if any design changes where required, make drawings, materials lists, cutting lists and finally fabricate and finish the tables.  It was felt that it would be best if the designers of the tables chosen did not work on their own designs.  This allowed for more input on the part of the other students and kept the original designers from taking over the project.  In the end when the students had the opportunity to evaluate each other’s work, the designers had the opportunity to comment on the relative success of their design.  It is our hope that airport patrons will experience the tables and in turn gain some insight into the workings of the Fine Furniture Program at Camosun College.”

One large table can be found in the soft seating area located adjacent to the Capital Brew Coffee Bar and the other four are arranged in the Eagles Landing Observation Lounge located on the 3rd floor of the Air Terminal Building. 

Eagles Landing opened in May 2009 and displays story boards that depict the history of the airport and are complimented by a display of First Nations art by Coast Salish Master Carver Charles W. Elliott.  

Click here to view pictures!