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BC Firm Wins Airport Advertising Contract

Feb 12, 2008

The Victoria Airport Authority has awarded a comprehensive, multi-year advertising contract to a BC company with strong Vancouver Island roots.

"We wanted advertising at the airport to be accessible to all levels of business on Vancouver Island", said Richard Paquette, President and CEO of the Victoria Airport Authority. "The solution presented to us by Immediate Images offered an established base of local advertisers and a flexible rate schedule," said Paquette, "Any level of business, large or small, local or global, that wishes to communicate with our passengers and guests now has that opportunity."

Immediate Images Inc. is British Columbia’s leading provider of digital signage systems. The company operates public signage systems in airports, cruise ship and bus passenger terminals, tourism information centers, retail stores and recreation centers. The majority of the company’s systems are installed on Vancouver Island, and the company has developed a strong base of local advertisers, particularly in the hospitality and tourism-related industries.

Immediate Images has installed 27 plasma and LCD screens throughout the public areas of the Victoria International Airport, as well as traditional backlit panels and brochure racks.

"The digital displays are the key," said Immediate Images Inc. President Frank Farr, "They are connected to the Internet, and our advertisers can update or change their ads from any web-enabled computer." Digital signage is revolutionizing public display advertising, as it provides advertisers the ability to change messages at virtually no additional cost. Messages can be changed to announce special promotions, to emphasize products or services at different times of the day, and to target specific groups. "The Immediate Images system allows advertisers to schedule ads to run five minutes from now or five years from now", said Farr, "And the fact that the medium is dynamic, not static, means that ads get noticed – they are seen and remembered."

The digital signage at the Victoria International Airport will provide much more than just advertising. Through license agreements with The Weather Network and BC’s DriveBC web site, real-time weather and road condition information will also be provided to travelers. "Our focus was to enhance the travel experience for the people who use the airport," said Paquette, "The screens and signage we’ve installed blend with the overall design scheme that we have, and they provide interesting and genuinely useful information."

Victoria International Airport, (YYJ) serves the Capital Region and Vancouver Island, with connections to all major Canadian destinations, the United States and Mexico.

It is the second busiest airport in the Province of British Columbia. Close to 1.5 million passengers used the airport in 2007, plus an additional one million guests.


Victoria Airport Authority                           Immediate Images Inc.

Richard Paquette 250-953-7500                     Lee Taal or Peet Vuur: 250-590-0979


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