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Willingdon Road/East Saanich Road Intersection Improvements

Sep 21, 2005

The Willingdon Road/East Saanich Road intersection has been identified as being one of the highest accident rate locations in the area.  This location is at the junction of three jurisdictions, North Saanich, Ministry of Transportation and the Victoria Airport Authority.  The VAA is working with the District of North Saanich, the Ministry as well as with ICBC to improve the safety of this intersection.

Restruction of the intersection is underway with construction of a "modern roundabout".  Modern roundabouts have been found to dramatically reduce accident rates and the severity of accidents when installed at locations such as this while avoiding the delays associated with traffic signals.

Minor traffic delays of up to five minutes can be expected and the VAA will endeavour to keep travelers up to date about any traffic delays as construction progresses. Construction is expected to be complete by December 2005.