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VAA Takes Action to deal with the uncertainty in the aviation industry

Apr 25, 2003

A special meeting of the Board of Directors of the Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) was held yesterday to consider recent developments affecting the Canadian aviation industry generally, and Victoria Airport Authority in particular.

The Board reaffirmed its confidence in the future of Victoria as Canada's premier tourist destination, and the air carriers that serve this Airport.

A number of decisions were taken to deal with the immediate financial problems and uncertainty which our industry faces:

  • VAA's 2003 operating expenses will be reduced by $200,000 by deferring or eliminating non-essential expenditures.

  • The current year Capital Program has been reduced by 35% by deferring non-essential projects.

  • The Airport Improvement Fee will be increased in two stages rather than a single adjustment as previously announced.  The fee will increase to $8 per departing passenger effective July 1, 2003 and $10 July 1, 2004 when the financial health of the industry is expected to be much improved.  This increase is required to fund critical airfield pavement and lighting projects.  Aeronautical fees charged to airlines such as landing fees and general terminal fees are unchanged and remain among the lowest in Canada.

The Board will be approaching the Federal Minister of Transport with a request to immediately address the serious problem to the industry which is being created by excessive federal rent.

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