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Victoria International Airport Announces Award of First Contract on Terminal Building Expansion

Jul 1, 2000

Richard Paquette, President & CEO of the Victoria Airport Authority, announced today the award of a $1,864,165 contract to Knappett Construction Ltd. for the expansion to the airport's main aircraft apron. The project is the first step in the Authority's seven-stage construction program, which includes extensive expansion in improvements to all parts of the Terminal Building at a total cost of just under $21 million. Work on the aircraft apron begins 17 July and is expected to be complete by 15 November 2000.

The Terminal Building Expansion Project will be phased over a two year period and incorporates a new and enlarged baggage claim area, passenger holdrooms, Canada Customs, security clearance, retail services, passenger check-in facilities and a new aircraft observation lounge. A comprehensive staging plan has been prepared in co-operation with airlines and other Terminal Building tenants to minimize the impact of construction on ongoing operations and passenger comfort. As the project progresses, increased construction noise is expected and passengers will be required to pass through temporary walkways located both inside and outside the building. At times, there will be limited seating and washrooms availability. Paquette noted that scope of the project, including seismic upgrades to the existing building, means some unavoidable disruption. "The work today ensures we will be prepared to meet future challenges and opportunities."

Paquette pointed out "Victoria International Airport is the front door to British Columbia's capital city and our gateway for commerce, leisure and government travel. I believe our community sees the need and benefit of this project and I trust they will be patient with us during construction. The expanded Terminal Building will serve us for many years to come."

Victoria International Airport Terminal Building Expansion Schedule

Stage One17 Jul 2000 - 17 Nov 2000Aircraft Apron Expansion
Stage One01 Oct 2000 - 15 Jun 2001West baggage claim addition
Stage Two01 Nov 2000 - 13 Jul 2001New lower holdroom
Stage Three18 Jun 2001 - 1 Feb 2002Baggage Claim Area temporarily occupied by the car rental operators/Canada Customs
Stage Four01 Feb 2002 - 15 Jun 2002Centre Core, including preboard screening, retail, upper level holdroom and observation lounge.
Stage Five02 Jan 2002 - 30 Apr 2002Baggage handling area
Stage Six01 Mar 2002 - 28 Jun 2002Passenger check-in area