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YYJ Employee Parking Permit Application

This form must be completed in its entirety.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Parking Regulations

PARKING LOT ACCESS: The parking lot is gated and requires an access card to gain entry and exit.  You must use your access card to enter and exit the lot; use the intercom if you encounter any issues.  Parking permit/lot assignments and locations are subject to change without notice.

VEHICLE STORAGE: As parking spaces are limited, vehicle storage and illegal parking (i.e. fire lanes, motorcycle stalls, landscaped areas) is not permitted.  Overnight camping and storage of vehicles in the employee lot is strictly prohibited and will be towed at the owner’s expense and parking privileges will be revoked.

MAINTENANCE OR REPAIRS: Maintenance or repairs of vehicles is strictly prohibited.  Further, parking of vehicle which, in the sole opinion of VAA, pose, or are likely to pose, any kind of hazard are strictly prohibited.  This includes environmental hazards such as fuel, antifreeze or oil leaks.

CHANGED/PURCHASED A NEW VEHICLE? You must transfer your hang tag from one vehicle to the other or add an additional vehicle to your account.  This can be done from the main parking pass page.

ACCOUNT INFORMATION CHANGE: If any of your personal information changes such as address, phone number or employer, you must update your account.  This can be done from the main parking pass page.

FORGOT YOUR HANG TAG/ACCESS CARD: You will need to park in the long-term lot for the day and pay the daily fee.

YOUR HANG TAG/ACCESS CARD WAS LOST/STOLEN?  Report the loss or theft to Victoria Airport Authority at 250-953-7524 and inform your organization/company.  A $25 + GST fee will be administered to any lost/stolen hangtag/access cards.

PARKING PERMIT CANCELLATION/EMPLOYMENT TERMINATION:  You must return both the hang tag and access card to your organization or Airport Authority Offices upon cancellation/termination.  A $25 + GST fee will be administered for any unreturned hang tag/access cards.

LIABILITY: VAA assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to a vehicle or its contents howsoever caused.

ACCESSIBLE PARKING: Accessible parking is available for those employed holding a valid Government issued disabled parking placard.

PETS:  You are not permitted to leave pets in your vehicles while parked in the lot.  This is effective year-round.  The lot is regularly patrolled by security.  Please leave all pets at home.

Should you have any further questions regarding the employee parking facilities, please email Victoria Airport Authority Parking Office at