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The safety and security of passengers, partners, employees and all airport visitors continues to be our top priority.  Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) continues to monitor developments related to the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19.  

We continue to follow the situation closely and understand the apprehension among passengers, employees and the public.  We're confident in all of the health and safety response measures in place in Canada to detect and prevent the spread of COVID-19 including the current travel restrictions, the message to avoid non-essential travel, enhanced airport screening measures and health checks and the directives regarding physical distancing.

 We continue to monitor British Columbia's restart plan and will be working to implement any guidelines from the provincial officials.  

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation, please visit PHAC's website here. Additionally, PHAC has established a toll-free COVID-19 information line at: 1-833-784-4397

Important note: if you have any concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider or dial 8-1-1 if you’re in British Columbia.  

Information for Travellers

  • Canada has closed its borders to foreign nationals, with some exceptions until June 21, 2020.
  • All Canadians should avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada until further notice.
  • All travellers returning to the country are required to self-isolate for 14-days upon returning to Canada, with exceptions for workers who are essential to the movement of goods and people.
  • Canadians travelling domestically will not be allowed to board a flight if they show symptoms of COVID-19.  If you are flying within or outside of Canada, you will be subjected to COVID-19 measures, such as health checks, before boarding.
  • Effective March 18, Canada restricted overseas flights to arrive into four (4) airports; Toronto Pearson, Montreal Trudeau, Vancouver and Calgary.  
  • Effective April 10, all international travellers into BC are required by law to self-isolate for 14-days and complete a self-isolation plan. Self-isolation plans must be reviewed by provincial government officials before travellers can return home. Self-isolation plans can be submitted at or via the BC COVID-19 Support App and Self-Assessment tool under "travellers."
  • Effective April 20, all air passengers are required to wear a non-medical mask or face covering to cover their mouth and nose at airport security screening checkpoints, when they cannot physically distance from other, or as directed by airline employees or public health officials.

Canadians Abroad In Need of Emergency Assistance

Call:  1-613-996-8885

Canada has active COVID-19 travel advisories and several restrictions now in place and travellers are asked to consult the destination page at for the latest travel advisories.  New restrictions may be imposed with little warning.  

In order to manage the spread of COVID-19, the Government of Canada, along with the provinces and territories have put in place some new measures.

The guidance material to support Interim Order to Prevent Certain Persons from Boarding Flights to Canada due to COVID-19 has been updated:
For a complete list of COVID-19 measures, updates and guidance issues by Transport Canada please visit their website.
CATSA, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority under direction from Transport Canada is temporarily permitting additional 350ml of hand sanitizer through security screening.  Passengers may be asked to surrender it upon arrival international destinations.

What is Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) doing?

VAA is continuing to closely monitoring the situation and continuously assessing our plans to manage the impact of COVID-19 in our airport. 

Steps we have taken include to prepare for travel: 

  • Working with our contracted custodial team to increase surface cleaning and sanitization in all high traffic areas and washrooms.  We're including the use of a concentrated probiotic cleaner which remains active for several days and enhances the efficiency of disinfectants.    
  • Deploying more hand sanitizing stations throughout the terminal building and adjusting all automated water taps in restrooms to run for 20 seconds, the recommended time to wash hands.
  • Physical distancing measures are in place.  Signage and stanchions have been placed at the recommended 2-metre distance marks at all check-in and gate counters.  
  • Reconfigured seating areas to allow for more distancing. 
  •  Installing plexiglass protective barriers at airline check-in counters, gate counters and Canada Customs Primary and Secondary Inspection positions.
  • If you are picking someone up at the airport, park for FREE in the Short Term Lot and please wait in your vehicle.  If you must go into the terminal to assist a travellers, please send only one person and limit social contact. Please only enter the building if necessary and remember not to leave your vehicle unattended at the curb.
  • Continuing to stay in contact with public health officials federally and provincially to ensure we are receiving the latest updates to keep our travellers, airport partners and employees informed.
  • Please access the many resources available to stay informed and follow the advice of healthcare professionals.

VAA will respond and implement any additional measures as and when they are issued.

Status of Services at YYJ

  • Our Red Coat Volunteer Information is closed until further notice. 
  • YYJ is operating with very reduced food and retail services.  The only food service available until further notice is the pre-security Tim Hortons which is open from 6:00 am - 2:00 pm.  
  • The pre-security retail store, Breakwater Boutique is closed until further notice.
  • The post-security retail store, Harbourwalk Shops is open from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm.  Coffee is available.
  • YYJ Airport Shuttle has ceased operations until further notice.
  • BC Transit is also adjusting to the fluid situation daily.  They do expect cancellations of some trips for the foreseeable future.  Schedules can be  checked here.  
  • Short Term parking is free.

We're also continuing to work closely with our airline and concession partners who are also working very hard to navigate these challenging times.  Our airlines have significantly reduced their flight schedules at YYJ and our food and beverage and retail services have also been reduced based on the decreased demand. 

What you can do to protect yourself

Everyone has a role to play to protect themselves and those around them.  The most important precautionary measures being emphasized is to practice good personal hygiene, practice physical distancing and eliminate close contact with anyone that is feeling ill. 

The following precautions used to prevent the spread of a cold or flu are being recommended by the PHAC to help prevent the spread of COVID-19: 

  • Practice physical distancing and leave 2-metres or 6ft between yourself and others.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20-seconds.  Using soap and water is the single most effective way of reducing the spread of infection. 
  • If a sink is not available, alcohol based hand rubs (ABHR) can be used to clean your hands as long as they are not visibly soiled. If they are visibly soiled, use a wipe and then ABHR to effectively clean them.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or practice good etiquette by coughing our sneezing into your sleeve.
  • Not share food, drinks, utensils, etc.
  • If you are going to travel, have your mask or face cover ready.  Our Tim Hortons located pre-security does have masks for sale.
  • If you don't need to come into the air terminal building, please don't. 
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please don't fly.  Contact your health-care provider or call HealthLinkBC at  8-1-1- so you can be safely assessed.  VAA will continue to work closely with federal and provincial health authorities as well as our airport partners to provide updates as they become available.

Helpful Links

As the lead agency responsible for the response to COVID-19, PHAC is the best resource for the most up to date information.

Stay informed by following PHAC's Twitter feed.