Our Airport Consultative Committee (ACC) is a forum where members have the opportunity to engage in dialogue on matters relating to Victoria Airport Authority such as information on airport matters and plans, planning and operational matters and the consideration of Municipal concerns.

The ACC meets twice a year, typically each spring and fall.  The Committee is composed of members who represent our community, the travelling public, the business community, and provincial and local municipal governments.

ACC members are appointed for a term of two years by a representative member such as local or municipal governments, First Nations, or the tourism industry, including air service providers.

ACC meetings are open to the general public.

Annual Public General Meeting and Airport Consultative Committee Meeting Schedule and Agendas:

2024 Annual Public General Meeting

Was held May 6, 2024

2024 Airport Consultative Committee Meeting Schedule and Agendas

To view minutes, presentations and virtual meeting recordings from previous public meetings:

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