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Art at the Airport

With an estimated 2 million people passing through the Victoria International Airport each year, the Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) Board of Directors, has made a commitment to provide a unique opportunity to showcase the work of talented artists in the terminal building.

In 2001 the VAA board approved the following two tier concept for public art in the new terminal:

  1. Tier one - the acquisition of major art works chosen through a fair competitive process.
  2. Tier two - the display on a rotating basis of art from groups and organizations in the region.

To date, the Victoria International Airport's commissioned collection features eight pieces of artwork on display which includes four First Nations carvings. A program for rotating art in the terminal building has also been developed and a feature art wall was built into the design of our terminal building expansion.

Our Collection

  1. Commissioned Collection
  2. Rotating Art Collection
  3. Special Exhibits

Our Definition

The term "Art" includes the original concepts of artists, sculptors, craftspeople, executed in any visual art/craft medium, sculpture, carved, cast, assembled or constructed; paintings, prints, drawings, murals, banners, wall hangings, ceramic, or combinations of media.

Our Purpose

  1. To enhance the public spaces of the Victoria International Airport by the introduction of works of art into the airport environment.
  2. To display artwork that reflects and respects local values and character, providing a source of community pride for Victoria area residents and that can be informative for the traveling public.
  3. To provide professional opportunities to local and regional visual artists.

Our Values

The adoption of the VAA Board Policy reflects the belief that:

  1. works of art in public places provide opportunities for citizens to enjoy the arts in everyday life;
  2. works of art promote Victoria as a center of artistic and cultural excellence;
  3. artistic and cultural initiatives enhance the quality of life and have the potential to stimulate economic development; and
  4. art should promote a sense of community pride and identity.

How We Acquisition Work

The Victoria Airport Authority may acquire works of art in the following ways:

  1. By purchase, which includes:
    1. direct purchase of finished works of art; and
    2. commission of works of art (by open or limited competition process).
  2. By donation, which includes donations from:
    1. Organizations;
    2. Corporations; and
    3. Visiting Dignitaries.
  3. By partnering with other public or private organizations.
  4. By loan from public or private organizations for a defined period of time.
  5. By rental from an organization for a defined period of time.

Art at the Airport Advisory Committee

The Art at the Airport Advisory Committee is a volunteer body. The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding acquisition of works of art for Victoria Airport Authority.