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Replace Boarding Bridge #1

Total Estimate Cost:  $1,025.0K

The passenger boarding bridge located at Gate 1 was installed in 1989. It has been in continuous service for nearly 30 years. It has undergone several refurbishments to extend its service life. This unit is at the end of its serviceable life.

This particular bridge is one of only a few very long two-tunnel boarding bridges ever manufactured. Two-tunnel bridges offered long reach which is desirable for large gauge aircraft however they cannot be retracted nearly as far as three-tunnel bridges. This reduces the flexibility of the use of apron. Three tunnel bridges have become the mainstay for all manufacturers over the past 20 years. Replacement of this bridge with a three-tunnel bridge offers far greater flexibility in terms of aircraft operation as well as placement on the building. This in turn means greater utilization of the available apron and terminal space.

Installation of the new bridge will take place over the course of ten days starting mid-May. The bridge will serve all types of commercial aircraft operating at YYJ now and into the future.