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Oversize Baggage Screening Automation

Total Estimate Cost:  $185.0K

This project will see the installation of a new front-of-house intake and screening location for oversized and out of gauge baggage.

The previous process for screening oversize and out of gauge baggage was for the most part done solely by hand screening. This project includes the installation of an x-ray processor for automatic screening of most oversize baggage. Passengers will place the baggage on an infeed conveyor and the screener will induct the bag to the system.

If the bag is cleared, it will carry on onto outfeed conveyors and then into the main baggage system. Once on the main system, the bag will be sorted to a special oversize baggage line to be picked up by the carriers back-of-house.

Bags that do not clear will be hand searched post x-ray. Once clear, they will be inducted into the same stream as cleared bags. Out of gauge items like bicycles and animal kennels will continue to be screened by hand at this location.