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Overlay Runway 14-32

Total Estimate Cost:  $5,750.0K

This project will see the surface of Runway 14-32 rehabilitated as well as the correction of an historic deficiency in the transverse slope of the southern 2/3s of the runway.

The project involves grinding off the old runway surface from end to end to improve the slope and then to put new asphalt on top of the new profile for the full length of the runway. The material removed amounts to around 4000 m3 from an area totaling nearly 73,000 m2. The new asphalt will weigh in at more than 13,000 metric tonnes. The material removed (known as ‘millings’) will be re-purposed as base material for a new overflow vehicle parking lot at the Air Terminal Building.

The runway will be ‘grooved’ as well. This grooving involves cutting thousands of tiny slots (5mm x 5mm) into newly paved surface perpendicular to the centerline of the runway. The slots provide an excellent route for surface water to drain to the edges of the runway. This in turn reduces any opportunity for aircraft to ‘hydroplane’ on the wet surface to near zero.

New LED runway edge lights will also be installed as part of this program of work.