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Lost Airmen of the Empire - Commemorative Sculpture at Hospital Hill

Project Cost:  $160K

The "Lost Airmen of the Empire" sculptural monument at Hospital Hill will honour the Allied Airmen who gave their lives at the Patricia Bay Air Station during the Second World War.  Victoria Sculptor Illarion Gallant will commence work on this project in Spring 2016 with completion in Fall 2016.

Hospital Hill is located along Mills Road on the North side of the airport, was home to the Medical Facilities for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Station Patricia Bay during the Second World War.

This monument was selected by the VAA and a group of citizens who formed a working group that had the common goal of increasing the awareness of the proud military history of the airport.  Approximately 1,000 salvaged bricks from the previously demolished military administration building have been saved and will be incorporated into the project.  This new display will recognize and honour those who gave their lives while serving at the airport during the Second World War.

The main feature of this sculptural work will be 25 – 12 foot high Corten Steel Cooper’s Hawk Feathers.  The Cooper’s Hawk is a predator known for its extraordinary agility in flight and ferocity in hunting.  The names of the lost airmen will be water jet cut into the feathers.

The area surrounding the monument will be landscaped.  A row of red maples will stand on either side of the path leading to the memorial and interpretive signage.  Seating areas will feature the saved bricks from the RCAF headquarters.  The central seating area will also hold a time capsule where community members can place sealed letters they have written to Veterans.  We look forward to our communities' involvement with this portion of the initiative.