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General Aviation Parking East Camp

Total Estimate Cost:  $300.0K

Non-commercial aircraft are referred to as general aviation (GA) aircraft. While the commercial fleet has access to the main apron at the terminal building, non-commercial aircraft do not. The goal of this project is to create parking for smaller GA aircraft on unused land immediately north of the Victoria Flying Club.

As noted, smaller GA aircraft do not have a lot of options for parking at Victoria International. The commercial parking at the Shell Aerocentre is often full and the Aerocentre is generally geared toward business type of aircraft both prop and jet.  The Victoria Flying Club (VFC) has some itinerant parking for the smaller aircraft but this is limited and the spaces are often full during the busy summer months when a lot of training activity is taking place.

This project would create up to 16 spaces for smaller aircraft on VAA owned land immediately north of the VFC, south of Taxiway E. The space would be paved with movable tie-downs. This configuration gives the space the highest degree of flexibility.