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Bicycle Assembly Station

Total Estimate Cost:  $125.0K

This project is intended to create a new bicycle assembly and storage area to improve access to, and amenities for, travelers seeking healthy alternatives to conventional transportation to and from the airport.

The current bicycle assembly shelter was constructed in 2007 as part of a larger parking lot expansion and curb lane improvement project. The project included a second shelter to the west. Both of these shelters have been adopted as ‘smoking’ shelters.

Over the course of the last several years the VAA has actively pursued the concept of keeping the ATB curb front a smoke free area. This in turn has displaced the smokers onto the commercial lane curb. The two existing shelters have become the de facto smoking areas. This approach is welcomed by most travelers but this new use of the east shelter is incompatible with the health oriented activity that it is meant to support.

A new bicycle assembly shelter complete with updated equipment and additional storage lockers is proposed. The shelter will look identical to the existing shelters and will be located along the commercial lane curb by the ATB flag pole. The recently installed lighting in that location will provide safe access at all hours.

The existing east shelter will be equipped with new benches to match the present configuration of the west shelter.