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  • Lower Passenger Departure Lounge Expansion

    Lower Passenger Departure Lounge Expansion

    Lower Passenger Departure Lounge Expansion
    Total Est. Cost:  $19.4M
    Completion:  This project is currently underway with completion anticipated for the Spring of 2020.

    In response to growth in passenger traffic, up-gauging of aircraft and the need to improve the safe operation of the apron and hold room, work was approved to create a building addition to meet a new state of operations.  The LHRX projects is a 1765m2 addition to the lower passenger departure lounge creating space to accommodate all ground load passenger traffic for the next decade and beyond including the addition of another gate position.

    Principle drivers include:  improving operational safety and efficiency for hold room operations; providing sufficient ground load capacity for both seating and serving passengers now and into the future; provide sufficient floorplate to allow additional revenue opportunities with the space.

    Design features and amenities will include:

    • Minimizing walking distances to aircraft;
    • covered walkways on aprons;
    • segregated gates with a one-podium, one-door, one-aircraft principle;
    • improved ground equipment storage;
    • new premium washroom facilities including pet relief for service animals and universal;
    • family room;
    • expanded food and beverage and additional retail; and
    • basement.

    The recent snowfall and amount of snow accumulation did make for some challenges and efforts were focused on ensuring that passenger ramps and walkways were cleat and salted.

    Significant Developments: The focus for the past four weeks saw the completion of the structural steel framing and roof deck installation along with the mobilization of the building envelope trades.  The following is a summary of the key milestones to April 30, 2019:  

    • The roof top mechanical units are in place on the roof
    • Curtainwall framing is nearing completion
    • Curtainwall glass installation is nearing completion
    • Interior steel stud framing for the monoliths at the gate positions, pedestrian ramps, skylights and the bulkheads
    • Extensive rough carpentry work was completed to support window shades and wall paneling
    • The structural steel doors frames were installed
    • Framing system for the decorative wood ceiling is nearing completion
    • Ductwork to ceilings, sprinkler and roof drainage piping and electrical rough-ins are all progressing
    • Mechanical and electrical work to install panels continues in the basement
    • Exterior covered walkway work along the west side of the existing passenger departure lounge started

    Schedule: The project commenced on January 15, 2018.  There are 3 primary phases of work associated with this project.  The first phase being the main lower passenger departure lounge expansion to the north over 19 months.  Phase two involves the new washroom block and vertical circulation core to the basement over seven months.  Phase three includes renovations to the existing passenger departure lounge and is anticipated to take one month.  The total project is expected to be completed by Spring 2020.

    Below is a time-lapse video of the last week of the construction project.  You can view previous weeks' videos on YouTube here and more progress pictures in our Photo Gallery.



  • Parking Improvements

    Parking Improvements

    Parking Improvements 2018
    Total Est. Cost:  $6.2M
    Completion:  Substantial completion by October 1, 2018.  Full completion March 2019. 
    Status:  Construction underway.

    This project created approximately 525 new long term parking stalls, with a future toll plaza, in the area of open field immediately south of the car rental service facility, adjacent to the roundabout. The scope of work includes linking the three existing gravel overflow lots to the new lot in a manner that allows a single pay transaction location. Improved lighting for the overflow lots and appropriate pedestrian access to the ATB from the new lot will be part of the work as well.

    This 500+ space expansion provides adequate capacity to absorb the overflow parking that is currently occurring into the gravel overflow lots formalizing this activity as permanent. It will be constructed with the infrastructure to operate a future toll plaza similar to the existing that offers pay on exit either through a kiosk or staffed booth. Natural growth will eventually fill the new permanent spots with the gravel lots continuing to provide overflow capacity now and into the future. The lot is designed to support a future shuttle operation.

    The three adjacent gravel overflow lots will be linked with this new lot in such a way that the toll plaza area becomes both the way in and the way out to all four lots. This will afford an opportunity to capture 100% of the revenues associated with the overflow parking. Currently over 660 stalls of the approximately 2380 available parking spaces are uncontrolled stalls in the four overflow lots. This represents nearly 28% of available parking capacity.

    The project will see the installation of lighting and CCTV in both the new and the overflow lots to improve the overall safety and security of the parking operation. The lamp standards and bases will be the relocatable type allowing them to move in the future as the gravel lots are reconfigured..

    The proposed design ensures that this addition of 525 spaces meshes well with the overall PMP and contemplates the next phases of growth. The design incorporates rain garden technology for the management of storm water flows and filtration of the waters collected. There will be 6 designated electric vehicle charging spaces to carry on the program started in both the long and short term lots in 2015.

    Significant Developments:  Construction is nearing completion.  Storm drainage installation work is complete.  All of the stalls are paved and in service.  The Parking Attendant booth construction is complete and has been connected to utilities.  Civil works for the toll plaza including paving are complete.   Work on the path to the Air Terminal Building including lighting is complete.  The CCTV camera installations continue.  The wayfinding package production is complete and the signage installation is underway.  Area lighting in the main lot as well as the two overflow lots is complete and operational.  

    Schedule:  Substantial completion has been delayed well beyond the original planned date of October 2018 and is expected to be completed in May 2019.

  • Terminal Precinct Pavements

    Terminal Precinct Pavements

    Terminal Precinct Pavements
    Total Est. Cost:  $1.9M
    Completion:  October 2018
    Status:  Complete 

    This project involves resurfacing the main Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) road network, from the East Saanich roundabout to the front of the ATB and then back out towards the Willingdon Road roundabout. It also includes drainage improvements and resurfacing of the central portion of the long term parking lot. Updated lighting in all areas will be a part of the project.

    Willingdon Road from the East Saanich Road roundabout was last resurfaced over 20 years ago. The road is experiencing rutting in both lanes for most of its length. There are also load related failures evident at numerous locations. An ongoing program of patching has taken place over the last 10 years to maintain the surface. A 2013 condition survey recommended restoration of the full surface within a 5 year horizon.

    Electra Boulevard, the air terminal building access and frontage road, was last resurfaced in 2007 and is exhibiting failures ranging from minor cracking to multiple areas of load related failure. Resurfacing the whole road rather than a multi-year program of patching is the preferred approach given the operational challenges associated completing work on this very busy road.

    The central portion of the long term parking lot was constructed and last resurfaced in 1987 and is exhibiting significant areas of age and load related failure. This is particularly evident in the driving lanes at the entry at the north end of the lot. The short term lot, which was originally constructed at a similar time as the long term lot, was fully resurfaced in 2011.

    As part of this project all the lighting in the long and short term lots as well as along Willingdon Road will be upgraded to LED fixtures. The parking lot fixtures will feature energy saving controls to reduce energy consumption.


  • Apron IV Expansion - Phase 4A

    Apron IV Expansion - Phase 4A

    Apron IV Expansion - Phase 4A 2019
    Total Est. Cost:  $7.1M
    Construction Start Date:  May 2019
    Completion:  May 2020

    Apron IV is the apron utilized for air carrier operations at the Air Terminal Building (ATB).  Identified as a key component in the 2012 Master Plan as well as the 2014 Terminal Precinct Plan, this apron expansion will expand the parking stands available on the west side of the apron and is necessary to accommodate the next phase of ATB expansion to the west.

    Detailed design for this project is complete. The project went out to tender by invitation with a closing date of April 5th.  A number of contractors requested an extension to the tender period.  Given the current over-heated Victoria area construction market, Victoria Airport Authority extended the tender close to May 8th to ensure best value from the tenderers. 

  • Extend Taxiway Echo East

    Extend Taxiway Echo East

    Extend Taxiway Echo East 2019
    Total Est. Cost:  $4.3M
    Construction Start Date:  June 2019
    Completion:  October 2019

    Taxiway Echo is the parallel taxiway serving Runway 09-27, the main runway used for commercial operations.  The 2012 Master Plan identified extending this taxiway to the threshold of Runway 27 as a key operational project to complete.

    Design enhancement and review for this project are now complete.  The tender was issued and is now closed. 



  • Automated Exit Lane Portals

    Automated Exit Lane Portals

    Automated Exit Lane Portals 2019
    Total Est. Cost:  $425K
    Completion:  December 2019

    This project will see the installation of an engineered solution to remove the 24/7 security staffing requirement at the exit from the passenger departure lounge.  The solution includes two one-way tunnels that allows arriving passengers free egress in one direction from the lounge but will lock down upon detection of movement in the wrong direction.

  • Acquire ARFF Vehicle

    Acquire ARFF Vehicle

    Acquire ARFF Vehicle 2019
    Total Est. Cost:  $1.1M
    Start Date:  March 2019
    Completion:  October 2020

    This project will acquire a medium sized Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle to provide a second front line vehicle when one of the large ARFF vehicles is out of service.

    Drafting of specifications and the Request for Proposal (RFP) documents is complete.  The RFP was sent to the top three suppliers in North America.  The RFP closes May 31, 2019.

    These vehicles have a very long lead time - estimated to be between 14 and 16 months.  An order mid-year 2019 would see the vehicle delivered towards the end of 2010. 


  • Airside Fleet Renewal

    Airside Fleet Renewal

    Airside Fleet Renewal 2019
    Total Est. Cost:  $850K
    Construction Start Date:  April 2019
    Completion:  December 2019

    This project is aimed at the procurement of a new truck and anti/de-icing product applicator as well as a high speed broom attachment for the Larue multi-purpose vehicle.  The truck and applicator are replacements for existing equipment and the sweeper is an incremental add to the airside operations fleet.

    The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the truck and applicator is completed and will be posted in early May.  The broom attachment has been ordered and is expected to arrive by the end of June.