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To & From YYJ

Car Rentals

Victoria International Airport is served by four on-airport rental car companies:

Local:  250-953-5300
Local:  250-656-2541

All on-airport rental car company counters are located in the Arrivals area directly across from the Information Desk.

Accessible hand control units are available at Budget Rent-a-Car with 24hrs advanced notice and AVIS with 48hrs advanced notice.

Victoria International Airport is served by two off-airport rental car companies:

833-771-4976 (toll tree)


Enterprise Rent a Car
833-771-4976 (toll tree)
250- 655-7368

Off airport rental car operators do NOT have counters at the Victoria International Airport.  Pick-up needs to be pre-arranged at the time of booking.  The off-airport customer pick-up area is located across the crosswalk at the arrivals end of the terminal building.

Roundabouts - Additional Information to travellers

Roundabout SignWhen departing Victoria International Airports towards Highway 17 (Pat Bay Highway) you will need to navigate a traffic roundabout. The “modern” roundabout has come into favour recently as an effective means of controlling traffic at intersections. Roundabouts more effectively minimize delay and have a better safety performance than stop controlled intersections when it comes to high severity collisions.

First encounter with a roundabout?
1.  When entering, yield to traffic already in the roundabout.
2.  Signal when preparing to exit.

Learn more about how to use roundabouts.